1. What fish are at Mountain Springs?

Rainbow Trout

2. Can I enjoy Mountain Springs without fishing?

Absolutely! How about a picnic lunch beside the private, picturesque spring-fed two acre lake?

3. Do I need a fishing license?

Nope! You can catch fish at Mountain Springs without a fishing license. There’s no limit on the number of fish you can catch.

4. How much does it cost to go fishing?

You pay only $5.95 per pound for what you catch.  Your trout are cleaned and iced free. Check out the Fishing page for all the details.

5. How do I cook the trout we catch?

You can grill, bake, microwave, or pan-fry trout. See Recipes page for several ideas.

6. Are large groups or tour buses allowed?

Yes! You’ll have plenty of room to spread out at Mountain Springs. Consider renting the large open-air Pavilion for your group. Ample parking is available for buses and RVs.

7. Can we have a private fishing derby?

Yes! This is fun and friendly competition perfect for birthday parties, company picnics, or scout outings. Please give us a call to set things up.

8. Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Well-behaved canines are welcome to visit. Please keep your pet leashed at all times.

9. Can I buy fish from you?

Yes! Delicious smoked trout is just $14.95 per pound. Please call ahead to order.

Yes! We can catch the fish for you and have them cleaned and packed on ice for you. Please call ahead to order.

10. Who owns Mountain Spring Trout Park?

Tom Breedlove, David Emerson, Johnny and Majhaunta Edgmon families own Mountain Springs. The Emerson family of Crystal Lake Fisheries (Ava, MO) has been raising rainbow trout for more than 60 years.